Galle – Vibrant Sea Port Town with a Historical Fort


You can reach the City of Galle with a tuk tuk in only 15 minutes.
Galle is the capital of the Sri Lankan province Lanka and has about 100,000 inhabitants.
The vibrant city is split up into two very different parts: The historical old town – the “Galle Fort” or “Dutch Fort” built during Dutch colonial times and the exuberant new town with its markets, shops and restaurants.


The Galle Fort

The Galle Port was already of great significance in the ancient world, when Sri Lankan spice merchants traded with Arab countries, Greece and China.
The history of the Galle Fort starts at around 1500, when the Portuguese started to build the first bases and protective walls on the island. But it was the Dutch occupation in 1640 which shaped the Fort architecturally. Numerous buildings still existing today were built by the Dutch and are characterized by the Dutch style.
During the colonial supremacy of the British starting at around 1800, British architectural style became visible as well. This mixture of styles is complemented by a unique mosque and some smaller modern buildings.
An accessible wall surrounds the Fort to this day and presents a wonderful view of the ocean and the coastline. It was this wall that protected the Fort from the Tsunami and left it largely undamaged.
The Fall Fort was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The streets and buildings have a very special charm and you can go on walks discovering interesting things. A museum, cozy cafés and colorful shops are perfect places to linger just a little longer.



The New Town

The exuberant New Town is the counterpart to the rather quiet atmosphere of the colonially influenced Fort.
Tuk tuks, busses, bicycles, people and animals are constantly in motion in the city. Visitory will get lots of different and new impressions.
The markets offering fruit, vegetables or fish give visitors a fascinating impression of mother nature´s diversity and the ingredients that you can find in the Sri Lankan cuisine.
Shops selling jewelry gemstones and saris offer a dazzling richness of colors. And strolling through the everyday-shops and supermarkets can also offer an insight into Sri Lankan life and can become an exciting pastime.
The state-run manufactory shop “Laksala” sells fairly priced beautiful souvenirs and presents for your loved ones at home.